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Chapter 4


I entered the building then waited outside the change rooms while he went to get something. While waiting, I started thinking that I was leaving for England tomorrow. This was the last night. Two tear drops fell down my cheek. No, I can't cry; I would have to forget about tonight and move on. My tears kept coming and I cursed myself for this stupidness… Stop crying, I almost begged myself. Why couldn't I hold for one more day? Why didn't I go with my parents and instead, stayed behind for one more day?

"Sang-Nim?" I heard Donahe's voice but refused to look up. "Yeah?" I asked, wiping my eyes with an already overused tissue. "여동생!" I heard his voice again, closer this time then felt the warm embrace of the man that I loved so much as a child. "Donghae…" No sound came out from my mouth but I started crying hard, my eyes refusing to hold anything back. My tears kept pouring, soaking the yellow t-shirt he was wearing. "오빠… I'm afraid I'm going to miss you. I'm going to England tomorrow… I don't know if I'll ever come back to Korea…" Donghae looked at me sadly. "I …… I had wished to be happy with you on your last day here.  How horribly I'm failing." he said, the pain now obvious in his voice.

He had tried to be funny but neither of us were laughing. It was all my fault, I hadn't told him and now he was unhappy.  I looked up and saw that he was giving me this sad smile and at his eyes, tears glinted. "오빠, if you start crying, I'll never be able to stop…" I started saying while rubbing my eyes with my palm. My face was probably going to look like a red balloon in the morning if I keep this up.

I was taken by surprise when Donghae pulled me into the gym where he had been practicing this morning the place where I had found him, singing that lovely song. "Actually I thought you were leaving in three days. I wanted to prepare something special for you. Do you mind if I show it to you now?" I nodded, allowing him to do whatever he wanted. He had me sit down at the chair in front of the mirror, my back facing the mirror and knelt in front of me while holding my hand.  A remote appeared in his hand and he pressed a key on it then music started playing.

The beautiful piano melody played again; this time an accompaniment to a forever memorable memory.
Chapter 4

I decided to post four chapters per day since they're relatively short but the entire story took up almost the entire notebook I was writing in (I admit I had other plots written in there but still!).

Watch me and look forward to new stuff!

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